Metal Art

I started getting into metal art through my father who is a blacksmith artist. He started welding on rusty metal and asked me to collaborate on a few pieces with him. Since then I started collecting my own pieces of old rusty metal and painting on them!


Here is a collection of acrylic paintings I have done, ranging from art boards, to horns, and skulls. 


I love working with pastels! The detail I can get is rewarding. This may be my favorite medium.


I started doing watercolor on Yupo in the last few years. Yupo is a compelling and unique alternative to traditional art papers. It’s a synthetic paper, machine-made in the USA of 100% polypropylene. It is waterproof so the paint sits on top and the colors blend in unexpected ways. The paint can also be manipulated and removed with water. I find it exciting and completely different than my other art.